Walleye Fishing Secrets For Entering a Tournament

The DNR for your state usually has a list of all fishing tournaments taking place in the state, and you can access this information either online or by contacting your local DNR department.

Thankfully, registering for a Walleye tournament is not hard to do either.

Contact the person or organization listed to determine how to register. Make sure to read the rules and regulations carefully. Determine how many anglers can be in the boat, what the limits are, and how long the tournament lasts.

Registering usually consists of showing or sending proof of any necessary fishing license, plus filling out the registration form and paying the required registration fee. The specifics for each tournament are different, with different rules, costs, and fees required.

Preparing for a Walleye fishing tournament is the hard part, because finding and registering for the tournament just requires some research and paperwork.

The only way to prepare for a tournament is to practice at the tournament lake or river. Fishing the area before the tournament will give you knowledge and experience of the area, so you are better positioned to understand where the best fishing areas are.

Determine a tournament strategy beforehand, while on the lake, so that you can determine where you will fish during the tournament. Take note of the underwater structure, areas which have high numbers of baitfish, and any promising weed beds. Look at the natural food sources that the Walleye eat, because bait which is similar will probably have the most chance ofsuccess. Look at the expected weather for the tournament days, so you can fine tune your strategy to take weather conditions into account.

Make sure you have a wide range of lures in your tackle box, as well as all the necessary accessories like extra line and other tackle.

This will allow you to be prepared for any conditions or eventuality.

Walleye tournaments are not just for professional anglers, most tournaments are open to anyone who is willing to register, pay the fees required, and fish during the tournament. If you enjoy Walleye fishing and you believe you are good at it, entering a Walleye tournament may be a unique experience that is very enjoyable.

There are many of these tournaments around the country each year, so it is just a matter of finding the right Walleye tournament in your area, entering, and then having fun. A Walleye tournament can be a great way to challenge your fishing skills and have fun, plus have a chance to win money or prizes.